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Field of Teams is presented to you by The Gym, CrossFit Kilo, where it all began. CrossFit Kilo is a 12,000 sq. foot facility located on the outskirts of Cedar Falls, Iowa. In addition to being the largest CrossFit gym in the Midwest, Kilo has recently expanded to include a brand new custom outdoor competition rig. Athletes will complete all events outdoors, truly making 2018 a ‘Field of Teams’.

We’re looking forward to 2018 being our best year yet. We hope to see you in September!


FOT Staff



RX DIVISION: 1st Place: Kilo Fresh (CrossFit Kilo) | 2nd Place: Out Here Kiloing It (CrossFit Kilo) | 3rd Place: Team Credence (CrossFit Credence)

SCALED DIVISION: 1st Place: Not Fast Just Furious (KiloTrained Waverly) | 2nd Place: Lion Killers (The Arena Nevada CrossFit) | 3rd Place: Joshua 1:9 (CrossFit Elkhorn)


RX DIVISION: 1st Place: Smacs Kids (CrossFit Kilo) | 2nd Place: Detoured AF (CrossFit Detour) | 3rd Place: 3 Sausages, 2 Buns, and 1 Gluten Free Snatch (CrossFit Kilo)

SCALED DIVISION: 1st Place: CrossFit Sioux Falls Red (CrossFit Sioux Falls) | 2nd Place: Lion Killers | 3rd Place: CFD Chalk Mates


RX DIVISION: 1st Place: Kilo 2nd Generation | 2nd Place: Fit as F@#k! | 3rd Place: StreetRangers

SCALED DIVISION: 1st Place: Trap Cleans | 2nd Place: Captain Kyle and the Dirty Snatches | 3rd Place: Dirty Thirties


1st Place: CrossFit OnTrack/The Challenge|2nd Place: Union Fitness|3rd Place: CrossFit Dubuque


1st Place: Team Olik (CrossFit Kilo)|2nd Place: Smac’s Pack (CrossFit Kilo)|3rd Place: CrossFit Minneapolis

2012 – Winter Team Open:

1st Place: CrossFit Kilo|2nd Place: CrossFit St. Paul|3rd Place: CrossFit Progression

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